Thursday, October 11, 2012

NBA Denver Nuggets sign Vance Walberg as coach

George Karl said today that Vance Walberg will be an assistant on the Nuggets’ staff. Walberg spent ample time with the team last season, but is on the staff officially for 2012-13.
Walberg, famously, was the innovator of the dribble-drive motion offense. I did a big piece last season on Vance and how the Nuggets utilize his schemes.
As a coach, Walberg would put four players on the perimeter and, as one player attacked the basket, the offensive post player would open space by moving to the weak side of the lane. Meanwhile, the other three perimeter players would rotate accordingly. If that particular dribble-drive play failed, the next ball handler would just dribble and drive again.
Once seen as wacky, the dribble-drive offense has helped turn John Calipari-coached teams into collegiate powerhouses. The Nuggets use dribble-drive concepts in about 50 percent of their offense, Karl said last season.
The Nuggets had a opening after coach Jesse Mermuys left for Houston.
Karl is quite pleased with his staff – “My three big guys are fantastic. Chad (Iske), Melvin (Hunt) and John Welch are fantastic. Ryan Bowen and Patrick Mutombo have to make a step forward this year and establish themselves as a little more assertive.”

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